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If you wish to discuss your legionella consultancy requirements please do not hesitate to contact Keri Johnson:

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Legionella bacteria can contaminate and grow in water systems such as hot and cold water services.

Legionella bacteria can cause legionellosis, which includes the potentially fatal Legionnaires' disease.

Why do I need Legionella Control Management Ltd's services?

Under general health and safety law employers and those with the responsibilities for the control of premises must:

  • identify and assess sources of risk for legionellosis;
  • prepare a scheme to prevent or control the risk;
  • implement, manage and monitor precautions;
  • keep records of precautions; and
  • appoint a person managerially responsible.

What services can Legionella Control Management Ltd offer?

Legionella Control Management Ltd can:

  • discuss your specific needs to ensure compliance with the Approved Code of Practice L8 and relevant legislation;
  • undertake and produce a site specific Legionella Risk Assessment identifying the risk of legionellosis from water systems under your control;
  • prepare a user friendly, site specific 'Legionella Control Management System' to prevent or control the identified risk(s);
  • undertake sampling and analysis for legionella bacteria via a UKAS accredited laboratory; and
  • undertake a Legionella Risk Review to keep the risk assessment updated and relevant.

Why choose Legionella Control Management Ltd?

With over 8 years experience in the industry, Keri Johnson can discuss your requirements and provide risk assessments and management compliance with your legislative responsibilities.  Keri Johnson is a full Member of the Water Management Society.  Legionella Control Management Ltd provides an individual, flexible, clear and professional service to large and small clients alike.

Legionella risks must be controlled and managed.

Further information:

Legionnaires' disease: a guide for employers

HSE Legionnaires' disease information

Copies of the ACOP L8 can be purchased from HSE Books. HSE also publishes several free leaflets and a video explaining legal duties and the control of legionella in cooling systems and hot/cold water systems available from HSE Books.

Legionnaires' disease: Essential information for providers of residential accommodation

Online Business Card